Trailride Mailing List Information

The Trailride mailing list is a means for equestrians who enjoy trail riding to discuss trail riding, and topics pertaining to trail riding, with other equestrians.

If you're not sure what a mailing list is, this explanation may help. A mailing list is a means for a group of people to exchange information, pertinent to a particular topic, with one another via e-mail. After one subscribes to a mailing list, any e-mail message that one sends to the mailing list is forwarded by the mailing list software to everyone who subscribes to the mailing list.

It's suggested that you read the section of Arlene Rinaldi's The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette which pertains to mailing lists.

To subscribe to the trailride mailing list, where you can partake in discussions pertaining to trail riding activities, please click here.

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