Having fun, going horseback riding and enjoying nature... what more could one ask for?

Misty Manor adjoins thousands of acres of picturesque Maryland state parkland, with access to many miles of beautiful wooded trails. Many of these trails run alongside flowing streams. Some of the trails have breathtaking views of the Liberty Reservoir, taking riders right up to the water's edge! As the woods are filled with a wide assortment of flora and fauna, these trail rides are sure to please nature lovers and equestrians alike. Trails winding through forests of pine trees lend a certain surrealistic fairy-tale-world feel to trail rides.

Trail rides for experienced equestrians as well as those with little or no riding experience are available. Misty Manor trail rides provide excitement as well as relaxation. Experience the thrill of curving trails alongside cliffs overlooking the streams and woodlands below. Listen to the natural music of of waterfalls and water flowing over rocks, along with the sound of horses' hooves meeting the ground.

During late afternoon trail-rides, as the daylight is transformed to dusk, riders experience the enchantment of embarking upon a magical journey. As one rides through the woodlands at these times when the shadows will soon grow long, deer and other woodland creatures are likely to be seen.

The best way to sum up the experience of a trail ride here is one word: fun! One can't help but enjoy the conversations and camaraderie on these trail rides as well.

During the trail rides, it's not unusual to come to forks in the trails. Our experienced trail guides, who know the woodlands well, will lead you in the right direction!

Both one, two and three hour trail rides are available for groups of up to 25 people at a time.


Kindly note that reservations are required. For further information, or to reserve space on a trail ride, for a wonderful experience that you'll treasure and never forget, please call 410-781-4810.



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