Are you in the market to buy or sell?

When you need to acquire or sell a horse, you want to deal with someone who not only cares about horses and may have the horse that you're seeking, but with someone who has many years of experience. Here at Misty Manor, that's just what you'll find: over 35 years of experience coupled with the area's widest selection of available horses for sale. Horses at all levels of experience, from youngsters to older and more experienced horses, are to be found here; ponies too!

At Misty Manor, horses aren't just items to be bought and sold; we recognize that they're living creatures, each having a unique personality, thoughts and feelings. Knowing the importance of matching up the right horse and rider, and realizing that acquiring a horse is a long-term investment for you, we take the time to work with you in order to make the perfect match.

When it comes to first time horse-owners, our goal is to turn them into responsible and knowledgeable horsewomen or horsemen. If you're new to horses, we're here to help you learn about horses. We'll make sure that you enjoy learning about horses!

To inquire about obtaining or selling a horse, please call us at 410-781-4810 or 443-277-4693

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