Whether your needs include field or stall board, we can satisfy them.

After just one visit to Misty Manor, you'll realize that this is the best place in Maryland to board your horse. While this may appear to be a rather lofty claim, you'll understand why we can make this claim.

Relaxed and friendly is the atmosphere at Misty Manor. The high quality of care provided to the horses here is our first priority. Many who visit our farm marvel at all of the aforementioned; however, to us, it's no marvel---it's just the right way to run a horse farm.

In addition to the great atmosphere and excellent horse-care, our boarders have direct access to eight thousand acres of parkland, right from our farm's gates! This means that our borders have access to many miles of trails, with breathtaking views, through the Patapsco State Park.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that many of our borders get together here at Misty Manor for group rides, cookouts, bonfires and even overnight camp-outs and rides. There's nothing quite like sharing these experiences with other nice folks, and there are plenty of those to be found here at Misty Manor.

Kindly note that we very much welcome first-time horse owners. We know what it's like to be in the boots of first-time horse owners---that's why we provide lots of help and TLC.

Please contact us at 410-781-4810 for boarding rates and availability. It's always a pleasure for us to hear from you.

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